It's been almost 10 months since the Covid lockdown came into affect. A great deal of musician, entertainers and industry people from all walks have had their lives changed significantly and there is still no end in sight. 

The live shows are very far and few between and I personally have only been able to do a handful at best. 

I have been extremely fortunate in these months since the lockdown to be hired for an extensive amount of sessions from all different genres of music in the local community. Great measures have been taken to do these sessions with all the Covid protocols and precautions necessary to see them to fruition. 

Bands that I have recorded for since the lockdown include:

JUAN CLAUDE- A mix of Folk, Traditional Country and Rock

CRASH WORLD - Music with a Pop Roots flavor 

DAVID JEWER - Ambient New Age

PATRICK POPEK - Live off the floor progressive funk and fusion

CHRIS LEE - Modern Alternative Rock

TREVOR LAYTON - Cover Material


KELLY ARMSTRONG - Straight Ahead Rock

THUNDERBIRD - A blend of Soft and Hard Rock

PETER VANCE - Rock and Roll with a hint of Punk

ANDREW GANGTE - Alternative Rock

GRANT PAULUK - Rock Ballad influenced 

NIK TEE - Gospel and Soul

MOSAIC RIDDEM - Live off the floor Reggae 

ETERNAL WHISPER - Symphonic Metal 

CHRIS RIDOUT - 60's influenced Pop

NEW OUTLAW - Rockin' Country