I have been very busy on the studio front with lots of ongoing and new projects happening. 

I am currently in pre production for the second Mosaic Riddem release. I played on the first CD and I am honored to be asked back for the second one. This bands roots lay heavy in Reggae, Ska and Calypso. Sessions are starting the 3rd week of December at Dream Catcher Studio in North Vancouver. 

I just finished tracking drums at Mainland Music for more Greg Julas material. This is a hard rock project along the lines of Soundgarden and other 90's heavier bands. Greg's first track I played on "Better Than I Do" got a fair bit of play on different internet radio stations. 

We are deep into the Grant Pawluk project at Mainland Studio right now currently working on 15 tracks. This material is a cross between heavy rock and ballads with ambient arrangements. 

We have the Chris Rogers Project nearing completion with the first batch of songs and we are currently adding the last touch ups before it goes to mastering. Chris's songs are described as Modern Alternative Rock. 

Mark Lafrance's latest release "Secret Agent" that I played on can be found online though delinquent records or on YouTube at Marc Lafrance Secret Agent. 

Georgina Taylor's track "Civilize Us" is near completion and will be released early next year. 

Also this month I will be starting pre production for new Thunderbird material. Rehearsal sessions starting soon at Mainland in Coquitlam. 

The Crash World Album that I played on has been releasing singles recently. 

The first single "Millionaire"  was released last month. 

Look for the new single "Radio" being released today. 

Check out Crash World on Facebook or at 

Brad Ryan has been working hard on his project that I played on at Dream Catcher Studio and it's heading to the mastering stage very soon. These songs have many different influences but still hold a common thread throughout. 

Mike Izzo is finishing up his songs that I worked on at his studio in Chilliwack.  

This material falls in the Indie Rock vein. 

There are more exciting projects coming down the line in the next few weeks as well and I am looking forward to working on them. 

On the live front as we all know things have been slow but they are starting to pick up. 

I have been playing some shows in the Lower Mainland area with the Pop Junkies as well as sitting in for some shows with Prior Street Lush. 

I look forward to more bookings coming in for the end of this year and for next year. 

Thank you for checking out my newspage. Please check back for any new updates as well as my media page with new music being posted soon !