It's been a while since the last news update here. 

Lots of recording projects have been on the go as well as live music coming back to the stages around the Lower Mainland. 

Recording sessions in the recent past include Progressive Metal artist Carlos Carnerio, also Thrash Punk, Pop from Lucas Potosky at Mainland Productions. 

I was laying down drum tracks for the Thrash Metal Band Baffled at Mainland Productions as well as sessions at Dreamcatcher Studio recording for Country artist Julie Wilson.

I had the pleasure of recording drum tracks for Bugnut Productions with Eddy Bugnut producing.

Also on the list was work with the hard funk sounds of The Smokin' Chameleons.

Cosmic Pig Studio in conjunction with Aboriginal artist Brent Aaron Joseph worked with us on Progressive Classic material.

In the Progressive vein although a bit more Psychodelia was David C in the studio.

The B & C Project brought in their brand of Boogie Rock into Mainland Productions.

More Reggae music was recorded at Dreamcatcher as well with artist Rachell.

I recorded songs for Pop Punk artist Jamie Evans at a private studio in Chilliwack.

Also at Mainland Productions was Jason Bleuler with his brand of straight-ahead rock which is up for mixing soon. 

Ross Hazelhurst brought in the sounds of soft Ballad music to the studio to Dreamcatcher Studio. 

I had the chance to record some old Beatles covers with Alistair Nagle which was a fun session as well.  

Canadiana Hard Rocker Ed Peterson was in recording recently.


In other news Thunderbirds song "Time Machine" has just been released to video on YouTube. It's a really cool animated video with a great song that tells a short story on Rock and Roll's history.


The band Crash World has been getting a lot of play on YouTube and other streaming outlets lately.

Also getting a lot of internet radio play are the bands Braidwood, Greg Julas and Nik Tee.

The virtual Rock videos that I recorded and filmed for The Blind Pigeon Band at Green Room Studio in Abbotsford are being played around the Lower Mainland venues. 

Please check these great artists out.

Projects nearing completion are Grant Pawluk which is a 16 song production as well as a full album project from Bradly Ryan.

Also nearing completion is The Kriss Lee project.

Mosaic Riddum's second album is in the final mix stages. 

On the live gig front I have been doing shows with the Pop Junkies and Prior Street Lush around the Lower Mainland as well as fill in gigs for Me and Mae, Sally and the Melo Hearts, Woody James and other excellent live bands.

Thanks for checking out my news page.
I hope to post some new music here soon !