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       MARCH 2023

We have been busy with lots of sessions and live shows the past few months. 

Some long running projects are almost complete and some new ones are currently on the slate. 

The massive 16 song Grant Pawluk project is on the final stretch. Kriss Lee is in the final stages of his project as well.

I have been in Dreamcatcher Studio recently with Crash World tracking new material. I coined the sound of this band as "Progressive Canadiana" with it's folk based rock with tricky arrangements.

Crash World is getting lots of play with with their songs on Spotify and other media platforms. 


New material from Thunderbird is being worked on at Mainland Productions involving a cast of excellent session musicians. Release date is set for April 25th to commemorate the 20th year of Thunderbirds first ever release. 


Also at Dreamcatcher Studio were more sessions with singer/songwriter Bradley Ryan involving a wide variety of musical styles. Brads first CD was just released on Spotify and already has a second CD worth of material recorded. 

Calgary hard rocker Greg Julas has been working with us again at Mainland Music very recently. 

This material is a blend of heavy guitar and melodic driving rhythms. 

We have been working with extreme Metal rockers Baffled once again. This material involves demanding drum arrangements and makes for a good workout!

The Jamie Evans Project has been ongoing with drum tracks cut at Dreamcatcher Studio recently with more on the way. These songs are in the Pop vein with a few twists along the way. 

Also ongoing has been the Jason Blueler Project with his style of catchy straight ahead Pop/Rock. This also involves some great session players from the Vancouver area. 

I was recently cutting drums tracks for Seattle based Folk/Pop Singer Songwriter Jamie Coughlin at Mainland Productions. This is one example of several remote style recording productions that we facilitate. 

Drum tracks for Czech Metal artist Zdenec Holcmann were just finished at Mainland Productions. 

This project is currently ongoing with a release date pending. 

We did some live off the floor session work with Sheldon Lavineway at Dreamcatcher this past month as well. This project is described as a soundscape instrumental style music. 

A couple of upcoming sessions include Ed Peterson. This is a straight up rock project with various lyrical topics. Drums to be tracked at Mainland Productions. 

Also upcoming are songs for Simon Williams at Dreamcatcher Studio. Simon's material is piano and guitar based ballad and rock music. 

For live shows I have been playing at venues around the Lower Mainland with The Pop Junkies. This band has some exciting shows booked for this upcoming year! 

Also booked are shows with another great band Prior Street Lush at venues around the Lower Mainland. 

Other bands I have been filling in with include Sally and the Melo Hearts and The Woody James Band. 

Every Monday night I host the 100 Club Jam Session located in Vancouver. 

This has grown to be one of the biggest jams in the Lower Mainland with an average of 40 musicians in attendance on a regular basis showcasing their talents. 

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