JUNE 2021

With live shows slowly moving towards opening up and restrictions being lifted we at Mainland Productions will once again be offering direct in person sessions as well as remote sessions.

Special thanks to all the great musicians that called upon me in the last 14 months in what I have labeled "The Lockdown Sessions" at various other Covid protocol following studios in the Lower Mainland.

Some of the projects already released have been Mosaic Riddem, Terry Demerchant and William Hardie.

The next releases include;

Marc LaFrance in conjunction with Thunderbird creator Roger Frankham's next single "Northern Lights" to drop on June 25th on Delinquent Records.

100% of the proceeds are going to the Canadian Forces Support Our Troops Family First program.

Also look for the upcoming releases from Crash World in the next few weeks as well as Peter Vance and Greg Julas.

Georgina Taylor's release of "Civilize Us" in support of the Residential School survivors featuring a host of name players will be out soon.

Proceeds from this project will go directly to aiding people still directly affected from this tragedy.

Yes there are live shows coming up once again !!!!!

Check out for the next upcoming shows from our fabulous live band.

Please check out my promo vid at;

Once again a huge Thank You to all the artists that called upon me for session drums during this last 14 month lockdown. I was able to hit the 30 artist mark !

JUAN CLAUDE- Folk, traditional country, MOR

CRASH WORLD - Exploring the seedy, the tragic, the cruel and the heartbreak of the modern world

DAVID JEWER - Epic ambient instrumental

PATRICK POPEK - Improvised progressive funk and fusion instrumental music

CHRIS LEE - Alternative rock with a hint of EDM. Songs about today's society and relationships

TREVOR LAYTON - Classic rock cover material

STUART ANDERSON - Soft ambient and delicate percussion oriented

KELLY ARMSTRONG - Straight ahead 4 on the floor foot stomping music

THUNDERBIRD - A full spectrum of Rock and Roll starting from light melodic to heavy and loud

PETER VANCE - Punk flavored mayhem

ANDREW GANGTE - Various influences and styles in the alternative genre

GRANT PAULUK - Emotionally driven ballad oriented rock

NIK TEE - Up-tempo funky gospel and soul

MOSAIC RIDDEM - reggae roots, dance-hall, calypso and rhythmic island vibes

ETERNAL WHISPER - Symphonic metal with operatic vocal stylings

CHRIS RIDOUT - A mix of 60's flower child and modern contemporary

NEW OUTLAW - Catchy in your face country rock

7TH AVE. BAND - West Coast Canadiana

WILLIAM HARDIE - Bouncy fun Blues Style Music to dance to

TERRY MELENCHUK - Progressive Beatles

BRADLEY RYAN - Modern Music with several influences from Folk, Blues, Jazz and Rock

TERRY DEMERCHANT - Catchy Modern Rock

SOPHIA AND REINY HORNE - Celtic Inspired Music with Whimsical Flavorings

NINJA GINCH - Classic Funky and dance oriented

THE BEE PEA'S - Covers and original music about how to deal with the virus

FRANK BOND - Progressive instrumental with great intellect

GREG JULAS - Heavy no nonsense Rock and Roll

MIKE IZZO - Indie Punk with reckless abandonment

CARLOS CARNEIRO - Progressive Metal reminiscent of Tool

GEORGINA TAYLOR - Modern Tribal with deep meaning