Rebel Bran-You and I
Fiona Lehn-Sunstaring
Steve Sainas-Simple as this
Roger Schmidt-Horns and Halos
Andrew Conroy-1AM in Montreal
Noise Contol-TRATEOTH
Emily Chambers-Feet on the Ground
      Featherz Edge- Livid 
Richard Klein-Raise the Cup
Grant Miller-Mountain Man
     Snapt-Cracks in Time
Richard Klein-Acoustic Shadows
          MK Ultra-Apple
  Blind Pigeon-Super Hero
  Version 3-Silver and Gold
  Badgley-Infinity Machine
         Tracy Forsyth
Blue Voodoo-Outside looking in
  Sally Melo-Now and Then
       Sain Arden-ATFTCR
        Sean Poluk-Never
        Lauren Starchuk
   Thunderbird-Whats the Word
 Lauren Starchuk-I didn't ask
Eric James-Not far from here
Blue Voodoo-Back to the Shack
              James Mark
          Nik Tee-B.C. Boy
Magnus Rising-Counting the Numbers
  Fiona Lehn-On Your Radio
        Clint Z-Free to ride
    Pit Dogs-A Day in the Pits
 Done with Dignity-Death by press
Nik Tee-Now is the time
Bleed-Deeper in the Stone
 Abraham and the Tribe-To the End
            D Ian Smith 
       Frank Bond Instru - mental 
     Shaw- Collins Band
              Alice Hardy
    Chris Ridout - Wilder
        Mosaic Riddem